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Hollins Trophy Results

Congratulations to all our skaters for their outstanding performance at the benchmark event, Hollins Trophy, held at Canterbury Ice Rink over the June long weekend. 

Preliminary Ladies

3rd Martina Bryl

7th Nicole Graovac

16th Natasha Dimkovska

18th Kara-Rose Meznaric

23rd Isabella Hong


Advanced Novice Ladies

5th Ainsley Dimitrov

6th Angelina Sanfilippo

8th Tomi Garard

9th Ava Zamprogno


Basic Novice Ladies

6th Emily Hanna


Advanced Novice Men

1st Kryshtof Pradeaux


Intermediate Novice Ladies

4th Mia Kusilek

8th Kohdi Blanch


Adult Silver Ladies

1st Helen Mitry

2nd Maliney Veal

7th Kerrie Armstrong 


Intermediate Ladies 

2nd Halina Carbone


Adult Elite Masters Men

1st William Palmer 



Aussie Skate PointScore

Our skaters have done it again coming out on top of the Aussie Skate pointscore competition for 2020. They were presented with the perpetual trophy at the Aussie Skate competition held at Canterbury Ice Rink, 2 May 2021. Congratulations to all our Aussie Skater competitors for this fabulous achievement!


Left to right: Sevda Akinci, Suhan Akinci, Serenay Akinci, Lyla Moody, Payton Moody, Mary-Jane, Semra Akinci and Holly Stolzenhein. 

Photo Credit: Kaila Moody


2020 National Online Competition

The medals have come home for our 2020 National Online Competition place getters! 

Left to right: Angelina Sanfilippo (1st Basic Novice Ladies); Ava Zamprogno (2nd Intermediate Novice Ladies); Kryshtof Pradeaux (1st Basic Novice Men) and William Palmer (1st Adult Elite Masters Men). Photo Credit: Fiona Kusilek, Deanna Sanfilippo


2021 NSWISA Artistic Championships

Well done to our all our skaters on their beautiful artistic performances and congratulations to our podium place getters!



Ainsley Dimitrov and Kryshtof Pradeaux                                                                                                 Mia Kusilek


Place Novelty Pairs

1st Ainsley Dimitrov & Kryshtof Pradeaux

5th Payton Moody & Holly Stolzenhein


Novelty Groups Division 1

1st Unplugged


Aussie Skate Division 1

1st  Anika Thomsen

3rd  Lyla Moody

4th Lilas Charon 


Aussie Skate Division 2

6th Beverly Phu

7th Vanessa Jarosz

8th Payton Moody

14th Mia Humphreys


Adult Copper & Silver

6th Kerrie Armstrong

7th Kate Geering


Adult Elite Masters

1st William Palmer


Preliminary & Elementary

1st Nicole Graovac

2nd Penny Gloss

3rd Kara-Rose Meznaric

4th Natalie Hong

5th Hailee Smith

7th Natasha Dimkovska


Basic Novice, Intermediate Novice & Intermediate

1st Mia Kusilek

2nd Emily Hanna




Coach Michelle Harley & Emily Hanna                                     Nicole Graovac


  Mia Kusilek                                                                                                                                                                               Anika Thomsen


Tests Passed

Congratulations to the following skaters for passing their ISA test(s):

Mar 2021

  • Alexander Rodriguez – Preliminary Skills : Patterns 1-3 
  • Maliney Veal – Preliminary Dance Pattern: Dances 1-2
  • Alexander Rodriguez – Preliminary Danc: Pattern: Dances 1-2
  • Robert Da-Pra – Elementary Pattern: Dances 1-4
  • Maliney Veal – Elementary: Pattern : Dances 1-4
  • Fatima Ibrahim – Preliminary Skills: Patterns 1-3
  • Chloe Athanasiou – Preliminary Skills: Patterns 1-3
  • Dijana Milic – Preliminary: Skills: Patterns 1-3
  • Nicole Graovac – Elementary Skills: Patterns 1-4 
  • Katrina Linsley – Elementary Skills: Patterns 1-4
  • Niharika Narayan – Elementary Technical: Freeskate 





2020 Achievements


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