LCCISC is managed by a Committee of volunteer members. Without the tireless and dedicated work of our volunteer members, our wonderful club would not exist. The Committee is elected at the annual general meeting held each year.


Committee Members

President                                     Fiona Kusilek
Vice President Anita Stone
Secretary Maliney Veal
Treasurer Jenny Mottershead
Ordinary Member Krystal Rae
Ordinary Member Richard Frost
Ordinary Member Katrina Linsley
Ordinary Member Jenny Vo






Supporting Roles

Membership Officer                     Jenny Mottershead
Web Administrator Anita Stone
Competition Coordinator Anita Stone
Training and Development Committee
Test Officer Lisa Moodie 
Fundraising Officer Committee
NSWISA Delegate Anita Stone
Member Protection Officer Fiona Kusilek
Public Relations Committee






Other non-voting positions may be appointed by the Committee as required.