Development Squad

Development Squad will resume for Term 4 on 9th October via Zoom, then 16th October on ice!!

What is Development Squad about?

The philosophy behind the Development Squad program is for skaters to develop training discipline and the ability to work on their own through a full approach to training incorporating on-ice and off-ice training. Most skaters have lessons during the week, whether through Aussie Skate school or private lessons, where they do most of the learning – elements, program and choreography. This Development Squad training is designed for the skaters to get better at training on their own under the guidance of the Development Squad coach.

It is designed with mainly Aussie Skate Freeskate levels and higher level skaters in mind. However, we encourage all skaters to challenge themselves to continue achieving their full skating potential, so skaters below the Aussie Skate Freeskate levels that wish to participate should discuss with their coach whether the Development Squad program is appropriate for them.

In the Development Squad program Skaters into groups – refer to schedule. There are two components to the training program – off-ice and on-ice. The objective of each component is to develop training discipline, stamina, strength and flexibility. Please note that skaters should wear appropriate footwear (joggers) to minimise injury and comfortable clothing for the off-ice training.

We encourage all skaters to participate in the off-ice as it helps to build fitness and stamina to help you achieve the best from on-ice training. Please note that if you have an injury or any other reason which you feel may limit your participation in the exercises, you must notify the off-ice coach. Alternative exercises can be offered so that you can still participate and be active.

All coaches employed for the Development Squad are LCCISC approved, professional coaches who are fully accredited with Ausport and members of Australian Professional Skaters’ Association (APSA).

The Development Squad program is only offered to LCCISC skating members.


2020 Development Squad Term Dates

Term 1 - Saturday 6 Feb - 20 Mar (inclusive)

Term 2 - Saturday 1 May - 26 Jun (inclusive)

Term 3 - Saturday 19 Jul - 11 Sep (inclusive)

Term 4 - Saturday 9 Oct - 11 Dec (inclusive)

Subject to change



$15 per session or purchase a 5 session Development Sqaud (DS) card for $65 (saving $10 / cost reduced to $13 per session)

The Development Squad program is only offered to LCCISC skating members. Half-DS is no longer available. 


Schedule and Skater Groups

The on/off ice sessions are split over 3 groups. On-ice runs for 40 mins and off-ice for 35 mins. Click on the links below to view the schedule, group descriptions and skater allocations. Please note the schedule times for your group and ensure that you are appropriately prepared for the changeovers between the sessions.

Group A and B skaters must arrive at the the rink 6:35 am for the 6:45 am start. We look forward to your enthusiastic participation!


Schedule and Skater Groups


Coaching Crew

Barbora Pradeaux, Cameron Ord, Diana Pham, Gabby Gustafson, Jason Chan, Jean McGregor, Lisa McKay, Lynette Schultz, Madelene Smith, Nicole Lewis, Pavel Aubrecht (Head Coach of Program) and Yvette Dimitrov.